Tennant Model 5700XP Scrubber

Tennant Model 5700XP Scrubber

Item # TEM5700XP

  • Ideal for cleaning tile grout lines commonly found in shopping malls.
  • 63 - 66.5" L x 28.25" W 43" H without squeegee
  • 63 - 66.5" L x 37.5 - 45.5" W 43" H with squeegee
  • Heavy Duty
Alternate #M5700XP
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Equipped with Auto squeegee lift, "One button" preset scrubbing, Auto brush and squeegee up and down.

With the tenacious power of the Model 5700 walk-behind scrubber, nothing stands in the way of clean floors. Two aggressive scrubbing brushes apply up to 300 lbs of down pressure to dislodge and pick up stubborn dirt, grime, oil, or sand--even nuts and bo

Key Features

  • On-board diagnostics
  • State of the art componentry
  • Optional off-aisle power wand to clean hard-to-reach places
  • Extended scrubbing option
  • Optional one button scrubbing
  • Interchangeable scrub heads to tailor the machine for any application
  • Scrubbing Path: 28, 32, 36 inch
  • Scrub Brush: 2 disks or 2 cylindrical brushes
  • Motor, disk: (standard) 320 rpm, .6 hp (heavy-duty) 300 rpm, 1.0 hp
  • Motor cylindrical: 750 rpm .75 hp
  • Solution Tank: polyethylene 30 gallon
  • Recovery Tank: polyethylene 30 gallon
  • Vacuum Fan: 14,000 rpm .8 hp
  • Power transaxle propulsion trasaxle Mtr. .5 hp
  • Weight: 817 lbs

Standard equipment includes height adjustable operator console, auto vac fan, water and brush start and stop with propel, battery indicator, no-tool brush and squeegee change, pneumatic, non-marking tires, brush pressure gauge, battery condition meter.

Tennant Value Added Equipment includes, No-tool interchangeable scrub heads, demisting chamber, impact-resistant frame, modular construction, non-corrosive duramer tanks, water shut-off.

Optional Equipment: Extended scrubbing, off-aisle power wand, 1.0 hp heavy-duty brush drive motor on 32-inch width machine only, 305 ah, 6 volt batteries, power steering, parking brake, auto-stop button, solid tires, wall protection rollers, dual vacuum f

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