Tennant T5 Walk-Behind Floor Scrubber - 26" Cycl.

Tennant T5 Walk-Behind Floor Scrubber - 26" Cycl.

Item # TE9002578

  • Hygenic[R] tanks reduce on-board mold, bacteria, and other contaminants. Batter power provides OSHA-recognized, whisper-quiet operation.
  • 22.5 gallon solution tank capacity, 27 gallon recovery tank
  • (2) 0.63 hp, 1500 rpm scrub motors
  • (4) 6V, 235 AH batteries, charger included
26" Cyl., ea
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Available with and without FaST[TM]. Available in disk or cylindrical. Foam-based FaST[TM] is the key to peak productivity and safety. Using an innovative foam-based detergent delivery system, scrubbers with FaST[TM] increase productivity, eliminate the need for operator to handle chemicals, and leave just-cleaned floors virtually dry and safe for traffic. Also available with echo[TM] which is a cleaning technology that electrically-activates tap water to behave like a powerful detergent. Cleaning effectiveness is the same or better than general purpose cleaners, without the environmental or health impacts of producing, packaging, transporting, using, and disposing of traditional chemicals. You start with water and end with just water. ec-H20[TM] Eliminate general purpose cleaners with the chemical-free technology that cleans without the environmental and human health issues associated with producing, transporting, packaging, using and disposing of harsh cleaning chemcials.

(2) 0.63 hp, 1500 rpm scrub motors.


  • FaST[TM] technology increases floor traction by 21%, uses less detergent, decreases detergent packaging by 80%.
  • Parabolic, no hassle squeegee system has the optimum blade angle for worry-free, complete solution recovery.
  • OSHA-recognized 67 dBA


  • Productivity (Per Hour): Theoretical max: 28,600 ft2; Estimated actual: 19,200 ft2
  • Brush/Pad Down Pressure: 3 settings: 40, 80 and 120 lb.
  • Vacuum Motor: 0.85 hp, 3 stage
  • Waterlift: 62"
  • Propel Speed (Variable to): Transport: 2.7 mph; Scrubbing: 2.5 mph
  • Gradeability (Ramp Climb): Scrubbing/transporting (Full): 5.0°; Trailer ramps (empty): 11°
  • Dimensions: 55.4" L x 28" W x 41.3" Squeegee Width x 44" H
  • Weight: With batteries: 621 lb.
  • Warranty 10/3/3: 3 years/2,500 hours on parts and labor (excluding batteries), 10 years on rotationally molded polyethylene tanks.
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