Nobles® Explorer™ 1500H with Heat

Nobles® Explorer™ 1500H with Heat

Item # NO608552

  • This model uses a patented 15 gallon contracting solution bladder and a 19 gallon recovery capacity, allowing two tanks to share the space of one!
  • 38" H x 38" L x 19" W; -13" Tool
  • 0-250 Solution psi
  • 15 gal. Solution tank/19 gal. Recovery tank
w/Heat, ea
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As one tank empties, the recovery tank fills, making for a compact, portable design. Available with or without a built-in, high performance heater for added cleaning power. Adjustable psi setting, up to 250. Large rear wheels for easy handling and stair climbing. High performance three-stage vac motor leaves carpet clean and nearly dry. Standard accessories include a 13 inch floor wand, 5 inch hand tool and a 25 foot vacuum and solution hoses.


  • Accessories/Tools Included: 13 inch floor tool with three brass spray jets; padded hand grip; stainless steel wand shoes.
  • Chassis/Body Construction: Rotationally-molded polyethylene
  • Caster Diameter: 4 inch
  • Wheel Diameter: 12 inch
  • Solution Pump: 0-250 psi, 120 volt, 5 amps, 2.4 gpm open flow rate
  • Vacuum Motor: 2.5 hp, 10 amp, 3 stage, 120 AC, 1200 watts,
  • Airflow at 2" Orifice: 92 cfm
  • Waterlift at Sealed Orifice: 134 inch
  • Vacuum Motor Type: Single speed, tangential discharge, 7.2 in diameter, dual ball bearings, epoxy painted fan case; recognized by UL
  • Solution Tank Capacity: 15 Gal.
  • Recovery Tank Capacity: 19 Gal.
  • Heat Exchanger: Cast aluminum, hairpin element cast into aluminum, surface mount thermostat; preset to 170 degrees F. for safety.
  • Decibal Ratings: 78 dBa at 10 ft, 81 dBa at 5 ft., 81 dBa at machine
  • Power Cord: 25 ft., 14 gauge 3 wire SJTO; recognized by UL and CSA, safety yellow, detachable
  • Optional Accessories: 16 in. Floor tool, high pressure upholstery tool, additional solution and vacuum hose, hose bag, 16 in. power brush. 5 in. hand tool with one spray jet; 25 ft. x 1.5 in. vacuum hose, 25 ft x 1/4 in. solution hose.


10 years parts and labor for rotationally-molded polyethylene and fiberglass housings, aluminum frames and steel chassis to be free from defects n materials and workmanship to the original purchaser. Parts that become worn through normal use or misuse ar

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