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Deb® ProLine® Curve 1 L Proprietary Dispenser

Item # SBS91106

Dispenses 1 liter products. Patented proprietary cartridge and pump system. Collapsing cartridge empties completely, which saves you money. Designed to perform in high-traffic, high-usages areas. Tamper resistant lock and casing. ADA compliant.

Ideal for restaurants, health and exercise clubs, daycares, schools, hotels and motels, plants, office buildings, hospitals, clinics and camps.

Transparent Black, ea
Alternate #91106
  •  Specifications
  • Product cartridges are easy, hassle free and quick to load and change out.
  • Sealed cartridge and pump assure purity of product.
  • Dispenser shell of heavy-duty ABS plastic (the kind used in telephones) ensures durability.
  • Key locks prevent vandalism; dual locks provide easy access.
  • Dispensers may be customized with company logos.
  • Fully guaranteed and can work with any of our 23 hand care products.