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Floor Squeegees


Ettore® Hydro Squeegee - 24" Straight, Black

Tackle tough floor clean-up fast and easy! Concrete, asphalt, brick, tile and more!! Simply attach the quick connector to your standard water hose, twist the on/off valve to control water flow to six high-pressure jets and blast away dirt and debris with no messy over-flow. The squeegee's moss foam rubber blade adapts to clean different surfaces making it perfect for use in factories, barns, maintenance facilities and food service applications. On the flip side, a serrated scraper loosens ice, mud and other hardened matter.  4/cs
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Ettore® Wipe-N Dry Black Moss Rubber Floor Squeegees

Foam rubber blade works great on uneven surfaces. Nothing stops this floor squeegee, not even brick or quarry tile. The 98% closed-cell moss rubber digs deep into grouting and irregular surfaces.
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Rubbermaid® Dual Moss Squeegees

Non-marking flexible blades are ideal for uneven surfaces. Universal handle socket system fits handles less than 1" in diameter. Leave floors virtually dry to the touch, ideal for spills. For removing liquids and light dirt. Black.
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