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Activeion™ Ionator

Kills more than 99.999% of common bacteria with a simple six second spray of non-toxic ionized water. Fill with tap water only. Press and hold trigger. Activated water.  4/cs
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Activeion™ Pro

The ultimate green cleaner. Transforms tap water into a powerful cleaner. Replace up to 47 common, general-purpose, hard surface, glass and carpet cleaners. Environmentally-friendly, rechargeable batteries. Made of resistant polycarbonate blend. Withstands the toughest abuse from the most demanding users.  ea
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Nobles® Monsoon™ Chemical Applicator

The Monsoon™ 30" chemical applicator evenly spreads stripper solution without the mess and labor of the mop and bucket method. 34" H x 33" L x 19" W without dispenser. 34" H x 33" L x 32" W with dispenser. 30" path with 27,000 sq. ft./hr coverage rate, gravity fed.  ea
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Tennant ASC15 All Surface Cleaner

The right solution for the number one cleaning challenge, restrooms. Also great for cleaning stairwells, windows and more. Solution tank capacity: 15 Gal. Airflow at 2": 99 cfm, waterlift at sealed orifice: 117". Power cord: 25', 14 gauge, 3 wire, SJTO, safety yellow.  ea
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Tennant R3 Rapid-Drying Carpet Cleaner - 15"

Turn congested areas quickly with patented ReadySpace® technology carpet is clean, dry, and ready for use in less than 30 minutes. Brush motor: 1600 rpm. Vacuum motor: 1.2 hp, 7.1 amps, 2-stage. Sealed waterlift: 86", airflow at orifice 99 cfm.  ea
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